About Us

About Us

Cordless Lighting is a manufacturer and distributor of a unique range of premium quality LED table lamps. LED table lamps in Australia are a relatively new concept. Battery-operated lights have been around for several years. However, advancements in lithium-ion battery technology and LED technology have created new opportunities.

Our battery led lights won't go flat halfway through a  serving. They're designed to last all night. The superior cells and LED arrays make our rechargeable LED table lamps suitable for hotels, resorts and nightclubs.

Our cordless lamps reduce the risk of fire and painful burns. Our battery operated lamps are more cost-effective than traditional candles. Unlike candles,  battery lights don't harm the environment. They don't make a mess on your table, and you only need to buy them once!

View our exclusive range of table lamps in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane - it doesn't matter where you are, we ship worldwide.

Our designer table lamps are now available in Australia. These battery-powered lights are remote-controlled so that you can adjust the colour and ambience throughout your venue at the touch of a button. 

Battery-powered led lights are easy to use, whether it's for dining table lighting, restaurant lighting or a bistro lamp, we have a solution for you.

LED table lamps in Sydney restaurants will change the customer's impression of your business. Our battery-operated led lights are attractive, stylish and classy.  Our new range of cordless lamps will take Australia by storm.

For further information and a no-obligation quotation, please contact us today.